Welcome To World Of Glamzonic
  1. Without Payment no dispatch. At the time of ordering please pay min. 50% of the payment. At the time of dispatch balance 50% must be paid.


  1. No Exchange, No Return, No Refund on just dislike basis as the taste and preference are different.


  1. 360 degree unboxing parcel video required in case of any damage or wrong and missing item. Issue must be clear in video without any pause or cut and reported within 24 hours of receiving parcel.


  1. In case of Exchange / Return shipping is to borne by customer from both sided, no excuse on that.


  1. Slightly colour vary or light-dark due to digital photography or mobile-computer monitor settings.


  1. Small issues like thread come out. Removable stain or spot, open stitching not considered in damage. For cloth


  1. Most important: As you know Chikankari is a hand work and variation in embroidery comes often so its not a manufacturing defect, also small thread pulling is not a defect, please avoid such complaints.